The Coordinator of our Docents

Lisa Winkler

Program Heads
chris Christine Link



Membership Coordinator


Membership Coordinator
Janice Payne
Partners in Education Coordinator

Francine Amster
Kim Ban
Jerilyn Brown
Margaret Cameron
Kathleen Carman
Nancy Carnes
Mariah Crabtree
Kathy Davis
Linda Goldman
Meredith Grau
Edlyn James

Christine Link
Russ McNiff
Margaret Maglione
Cherish Mumme
Patty Miller

Janice Payne

Janice Platt
Gracie Prescott
Virginia Rattazzi
Susan Rodgers
Diane Schultheis
Linda Sharpe
Leslie Taylor
Joanne Thornhill
Bonnie Trull 
Tina Ward
Lisa Winkler
Megan West
Kaye S. Zigrang
If you would like more information about becoming a docent or volunteering please complete and return our Volunteers Application, email or call the office at 661.268.0380
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