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Tippi's Birthday Event for the Shambala Wild Ones

I’m so thrilled about the success of “The Tippi Hedren 86th Birthday Fund For the Shambala Wild Ones”!!!!!.

It is because of you who donated to this cause that a wonderful gift has been presented to the Wild Ones to continue the amazing care they receive from the staff at Shambala who so truly know and love each and every one of them. It is at this time, I want to thank every one of you who donated to this fundraiser. It’s success has put a very big smile on my face for all of you who heard my plea of “No presents for Tippi, but let’s present a gift to The Shambala Wild Ones!!!!"

To all of you who heard me and acted upon this plea, know that I love you more than my next breath!!!……To each and every one of you, you are extremely important to The Shambala Wild Ones and The ROAR FOUNDATION!

And now, here is the glorious list of supporters without whose help this effort would not have been possible.


Melissa Aaron
Ann Anderson
Cynthia Axell
Pamela Arthur
Badger Control
Marilyn Baker
Brian Barfoot
William Beech
Cindy Benes
Cornelia Bernstein
Steven Bigglestone
Melanie Bowden
Roger Brown
Patricia Bunyard
Bob Byers
Susan Claassen
Carol Ann Collins
DeeDee Cunningham
Anthony Cuomo
Mark Dahn
Nancy Dance
Patricia Danielson
Rhonda Dankulich
Kendra Davis
Nancy Delia
Darcy DeMoss
Evy Dukelis
Yvonne Ekdahl
Kelly Ellis
Bonnie Erickson
Sheri Feinberg
Heather Fiscalini
Marilyn Fordney
David Fosse
MaryJo Fowler
Sherri Fox
Karen Franz
Mark and Terry Fredrickson
Lorna Freels
Rebecca Gansberger
Richard Gates
Deborah Gatling
Margaret George
Linda Giammanco
Jacqueline Glyde
Ellen Hageman

Harry Hart-Browne
Cora Hawkins-Jeffery
Julie Hays
Nancy Heck
Nicole Heckman
Norma Hescheles
Debra Hodges
Sandra Holycross
Margot Hudson
Lary Hunt and Frances Christenson
Ann Jackson
Jeremy James
Jo Anne Jamison
Kathie Jeffries
Theodora Kelly
Kitty Kincaid
Kelly Kriss
Shirley Kubly
La Artista Design
Denise Laurent
Jim Lawrence
Gary Lee
Jolane Lentz
Norman Lesh
Becky Lloyd
Barbara Lillis
Christine Link
Ellen and Rob Little
Elaine Livesey-Fasssel
Renee Lopilato
Melody Marquez
Stephanie Marshall
Mary Lee Martin
Rebekcah Martz-Spenser
Mimi McMillen
Darren McRoy
Jennifer Meek
Marie Mendicino
Ty Metten
Henry Moon
MJ Morgan
Susan Buckler Morgan
Chip Mosher
Olivier Mouroux
Carol Ohle
Thomas OKeeffe Sr
Valerie Jo Ann Orner
Diane Parets
Lisa Parker
Diana Pash
Linda Paulen
Janice Payne
Lee Perry and Linda Lasater
Rodney Pinks
Nancy Priddy
Delores Quinones
Dawn Ray
Ruth Retzlaff-Reckenfelderbaeumer
Edward Rich
Marjorie Richmond
Anne Rubsamen
Mayrene Ryan
Catherine Schell
Dee Schnepf-Ewing
Yvonne Schwab
Margaret Simich
Robin Siner
Margo Slaughter
Patricia Smith
Linda Springsteen
Caroline Stack
Amy St. Amour
Sandra Steckel
Deborah Stenard
James Stern
Beth Stewart
Cynthia Stice
Mary Thoits
Vance Thomas
Barbara Thorsen
John Tippin
Peg and Peri Urvek
Renee Vance
Kristy von Eckhardt
VOS & Associates
Tina Ward
Beverly Williams
Lisa Winkler
The White-Coppee Fund
Pia Wilhelmsson
Barbara Wilhite
Jim Witoszynski
Jorge Zambrano
Kaye Zigrang

A very wonderful thank you to all of you who contributed to the “Tippi Hedren Birthday Fund for the Shambala Wild Ones”…. Congratulations!!! You have made this event the largest financial fundraiser since I founded The Roar Foundation!!!!.........I am forever grateful to all of you who made this possible. Your dedication to the Shambala Wild Ones has indeed been exemplified by your generosity!!!!.....I do, just plain love all of you!

Thank you, again, and again. And AGAIN…….X0XX0X0…..T

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