Recent Photos, May 2015
Some photos of Shambala's resident, taken during Parents Day and the May Safaris.

"I was born King!"

"One more move, and..."

Freedom (Uhuru)
"Eyes to the future."

The Wise Ones of Shambala
Great Horned Owls dwelling at Shambala

Mendhi Racana
"No, darling, you can't have it."

"Betcha can't curl your tongue!"
Eagle Scouts at Shambala
Eagle Scout Ethan Abercrombie spearheaded his Eagle Scout project over a recent weekend to clear brush at The Shambala Preserve, with fellow members of Troop 737 from Palmdale, California.



I feel there are some implied representations that have been put forth in the promotion campaign for the re-release of the movie “Roar” that have led to false perceptions amongst the general public regarding my position on the status of captive exotic felines.  The following is my response:

All of the people, including myself, involved in the conceptual design of the film “Roar” had little or no experience in dealing with the great cat in captivity.  To say we were naive is an understatement.  With what I know now about the true nature of the great cat as an apex predator, I would never condone the production of such a film. I need to state that the movie “Roar” has no connection with the non-profit Roar Foundation, which I founded in 1983 to support Shambala Preserve. My main concern, aside from rescuing exotic felines has been to co-author and pass the federal “Captive Wildlife Safety Act” in 1983 and to federally legislate passage of the “Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act” which I have also co-authored to stop the breeding of these magnificent animals for financial exploitation and to be sold as pets. THESE ANIMALS ARE NOT PETS – THEY ARE APEX PREDATORS!!!

I feel the only good thing to come out of the making of the movie “Roar” is that it gave me an extreme awareness of the excessive breeding in the United States of exotic felines for financial exploitation which fueled my passion to be an advocate and legislate on behalf of these magnificent animals and thus to establish the Roar Foundation and The Shambala Preserve.

The Roar Foundation

Shambala Safaris, April 11-12, 2015




Medhi Racana



Uhuru (Freedom)





Sir William

Friends of Robinson Gardens with Tippi

Shambala Safaris, March 14-15, 2015

Mendhi plays with her Boomer Ball



Mendhi Racana





Zoe and Simba


Docent Meredith Grau used the internet to
raise $3,300 for an adoption

Docents Lisa Winkler, Kim Ban, and Joanne Thornhill model the latest T-shirts

March 7, 2015 Parents Day

Chuy Feediing Sabrina

Shere Khan


Greg feeding Alexander




Jasmine eating her bone

Ping Ohn

FUN…FUN…FUN….Valentine’s Day weekend Safaris at The Shambala Preserve


Swapping compounds….Everyone is happy!

Henson and Lily


Volunteer Christmas Party, December 13, 2014

The Shambala Volunteers had their annual Christmas Party after the December Safari.  There was food and fun and a spirited gift exchange, with many gifts changing hand!

Winter Wonder Safari, December 7, 2014

Sunday December 7 saw Shambala’s first Winter Wonder Safari. After guests were given an early evening walking safari, the night was transformed into a visual wonderland of beautiful lights. After being served delicious food and drink, everyone was treated to a delightful musical program provided by Cathi Shultz and friends. The evening was capped off by a spirited Q&A session with Tippi Hedren and special guest celebrity, four time Emmy Award winning actress Michael Learned. 

On Saturday, December 6, adoption parents of Shambala’s Wild Ones celebrated the season at Shambala’s annual Parent’s Day Christmas Party. After visiting their “children” they gathered with Tippi at the lakeside for a delicious pot luck lunch. A group photo in front of Shambala’s Trading Post finished off the day.

Tippi Honored by Acton Women's Club

Tippi Hedren was recently honored for her achievements and contributions to the Acton community at the 20th Annual Acton Women’s Club Fall Awards Luncheon.

Roar Members' Fall Celebration, October 18, 2014

The membership party held on October 18, 2014 was a great success! The guests enjoyed delicious food & desert by the lake, the annual Shambala tour, games, a roaming magician, the silent auction,  a Tippi Hedren Rummage sale, and a photo booth which was a big hit. A special highlight of the day was the newly constructed replica of the jungle gym from the famous scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds” where Tippi sits outside of the Bodega Bay School House waiting for the children inside to finish singing their incessant song. It provided the guests with a great photo op. The addition of the jungle gym  was Tippi’s concept and was donated and constructed by Harris Steel Fence which builds all of the compounds at The Shambala Preserve. At the end of the day, a good time was had by all.

 New Attraction at the Shambala Preserve!

I wanted a tribute to THE BIRDS to exist on the Shambala Preserve because without that film, I would not be doing the work with rescuing big cats born in the U.S. to be sold as pets or for financial gain. I have had an exact replica of the famous jungle gym created from the scene in Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds,  where I sit on the bench waiting for that incessant song to end.

The jungle gym has been donated to the Shambala Preserve. It is placed near the Trading Post and the Railway Station. You can sit on the bench, have your photo taken with the jungle gym behind you, with a few birds sitting on it, just like I did in the film.....I'm thrilled with the area and so grateful to Harris Steel Fence, who builds all of our animal  compounds, for copying, building, and donating this piece, which is a dream come true for me.

Next time you visit the Preserve to visit the Wild Ones,  take a moment to go back in history, to remember a very famous film, and maybe have a photo to remind you, forever.

I look forward to seeing you !!!!!!!


 Shambala Sunset Safari, September 13, 2014

with Special Guest Loni Anderson

Shambala’s last Sunset Safari closed the season with a bang featuring Tippi’s scintillating narratives of her personal experiences both on and off the screen which included her history with Hitchcock, Shambala and initiating the Vietnamese nail salon industry! Tippi shared the mike with surprise celebrity guest Loni Anderson who related up close and personal anecdotes from the many hit television shows and films in which she starred. 


 Shambala Sunset Safari, August 8, 2014

with Special Guest Diane McBain

Tippi Hedren hosted the August 8th Sunset Safari and treated guests with anecdotes from her career as an actress as well as her activities as a charity spokesperson, humanitarian and animal activist. The guest celebrity co-host was noted actress, authoress and Tippi’s lifelong friend, Diane McBain who talked about her career, her charitable work and her book, “Famous Enough, A Hollywood Memoir”. Guests were treated to an added surprise when actress Linda Gray showed up as one of the audience attendees.

 Shambala Sunset Safari, July 12, 2014

with Special Guest JoAnne Worley

The evening's Malaika Marquee guests
Craig and Melissa Watson
arrive for the Safari.

Chris Gallucci with JoAnne Worley

On June 25th the Acton Lions Club held a presentation ceremony hosted by Tippi Hedren at The Shambala Preserve. Two scholarships were presented by Acton Lion’s Club president Virginia Wedding to two recipients. Two grants of $1000 each were presented for outstanding merit to Tanya Saucedo, a graduate of Vasquez High, and Caitlin Mulcahey, a graduate of Paradete High. Both will be attending colleges in California for the next term.

Tippi with Virginia Wedding

Tanya, Tippi, and Caitlin

 Shambala Sunset Safari, June 14, 2014

with Special Guest Richard Chamberlain

Roar Foundation Director Chris Gallucci tries to protect the Shambala Preserve property and animals in any way he can, in a way he can relate to: inmate firefighters clearing out the riverbed! Any other questions? Contact Chris!

 Shambala Sunset Safari, May 10, 2014

with Special Guest Steve Valentine

Director Chris Gallucci with Special
Guest Steve Valentine
and his wife, Inna Korobkina

Steve with Tippi Hedren

Steve, Tippi, and Chris at the Q&A session



Fire safety for the Wild Ones (Shambala)

A foundation that wants to remain anonymous wanted to help us with a fire program. After writing and speaking to them, they agreed to finance this program: six 2600 gallon water tanks and a water truck. We needed a very special truck to fit through our gates and pathways. So I had one built. That means everything on this truck is new (Truck Equipment Fabrication Inc in Aqua Dulce) After explaining what we needed...this is it. None of this would be possible without the help of this anonymous foundation.

The Roar Foundation/Shambala Preserve cannot thank you enough!

Chris Gallucci
Director of The Shambala Preserve

See the water truck in action on YouTube!
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