Michael Jackson’s “Thriller Jacket” which he wore in his video “Thriller” is being offered for auction by Julien’s Auctions on Saturday and Sunday June 25th and 26th. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” jacket will benefit The Shambala Preserve current home to Michael Jackson’s two Bengal tigers, “Thriller” and “Sabu”. The two tigers have been living at The Shambala Preserve since 2006 when Jackson left Neverland Ranch.

Thriller and Sabu

All of us at The Roar Foundation and Shambala express our gratitude to Julien’s Auctions for making this benefit possible.


Tippi Hedren
President, The Roar Foundation

Roar Foundation President Tippi Hedren and Shambala Preserve Director Chris Gallucci were recently interviewed by CNN Local Edition Anchor Brad Pomerance about the reason and purpose of The Shambala Preserve in regards to captive exotic felines. The interviews will be aired on CNN Headline News during the first 2 weeks of July.
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