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Letter #2

Dear Representative XXXX,

Please co-sponsor H.R.1998 / S.1381, the “Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act”!

Big cats are not pets!! No human being is equipped to keep one of the four most dangerous animals on the planet in a cage in his or her backyard!!

Imprisoning a lion or tiger in a private neighborhood is not only indescribably cruel to the animal, who should instead be roaming the Serengeti and jungles of India and Asia....but it is also unfair to neighbors and to first responders.

In today’s day and age, parents have enough to worry about regarding their children’s welfare. They have to keep an eye out for sexual predators on the internet....they shouldn’t have to worry about apex predators in the neighborhood!! Not to mention, small children are the easiest prey for a hungry tiger.

When lions or tigers do get loose, and that inevitably will happen at some point, first responders are also put in jeopardy. The life of a police officer should not be put on the line simply because a selfish individual feels the need to own wild cats! Also, first responders are not trained to handle such situations (as was proven in Zanesville, OH in 2011), putting them in the regrettable position of having to shoot and kill the escaped big cats.

For the rest of their lives, the officers are burdened with guilt and forced to deal with the public’s scrutiny of having had to murder innocent animals...not to mention, the ultimate price having been paid by the big cats, who lose their lives for no other reason than having been born in the United States.

Please co-sponsor H.R.1998 / S.1381, the “Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act”. Exotic cats don’t belong in family neighborhoods!!

Thank you!


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