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Letter #5

Dear Rep. XXXX,

As your constituent, I am asking you to support H.R. 1998 / S.1381, the “Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act”.

H.R. 1998 bans the private ownership of big cats for personal possession or financial gain. Current owners would be grandfathered in to keep their exotic cats for the remainder of the cats’ lives, but would not be able to acquire more or breed the ones they have. After twenty years, which is the average lifespan of a big cat in captivity, big cats would only be found in accredited zoos and sanctuaries.

By drastically reducing the number of big cats in private hands in the United States, H.R.1998 / S.1381 also reduces the number of inspections required by the USDA. This would greatly relieve the already overburdened federal agency.

Right now, there are approximately 115 USDA inspectors responsible for overseeing about 7,750 facilities, which is just ridiculous. Due to the sheer volume of assignments, there is a tremendous opportunity for an oversight...which, when dealing with lions and tigers, could result in a deadly catastrophe.

H.R. 1998 also plays a role in the future safety of USDA inspectors. By only having to visit accredited zoos and sanctuaries, where proper safety measures are already in place, there is less worry that an inspector will be in harm’s way. This is opposed to a private owner who is very likely to have substandard security.

This letter addresses just one of the many reasons H.R.1998 / S.1381, the “Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act” is necessary United States. Please consider all the benefits that would come from passing this legislation into law.

Thank you.



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