Thank you, thank you so much for your support through your prayers, phone calls and emails during the demonic "Station" fire; a fire that has consumed lives (animal and human), homes, forests and businesses in an area which covered over 158,000 acres. The biggest thanks go to our firefighters and our staff and crew who are the most diligent, kindest, strongest, smartest group of dedicated professionals. I respect all of them so highly.

The Shambala Preserve has survived fire, flood and drought, because of excellent planning developed from 37 years of experience.

Here are the reasons for our survival:

The care of these magnificent beings includes a prime diet, daily cleaning of the habitats, constant monitoring of food intake, daily checks for health conditions and giving medications to animals who are chronically or temporarily ill. Each aspect is entered on a chart for each animal by our animal staff on a daily basis.

In charge of Preserve operations is Vice President, Chris Gallucci who has been with us since 1975. Our animal supervisor, Trudy Farley, has been with us since 1987. Both Chris and Trudy have created a position of safety for the humans and the animals.

Here are our fire safety precautions:

1) Prior to and during a fire we have close contact with both local and city Fire Departments.

2) Area of land easily accessible to accommodate more than 4 Fire rigs & 2 semi truck and trailers.

3) Every 4-6 weeks, fire drills are scheduled for the Shambala Staff to maintain familiarity with procedure and the working order of equipment.

4)Steel powder coated transport carriers, each on it’s own trailer, for the lions, tigers, etc.

5) Frequent feedings of animals in evacuation carriers to dispel fear of being enclosed.

6) One acre body of river fed Shambala lake water.

7) Veterinary team on call to tranquilize animals if necessary.

8) Three 2200 gallon water tanks with fire hoses, pumps and pressure nozzles all backed up by emergency generators.

9) 10 foot deep river fed swimming pool holding thousands of gallons of water.

10) Designated locations in Acton and Aqua Dulce to maintain evacuated animals in the evac carriers for duration of evacuation.

We have surmounted enormous challenges on this journey with the Wild Ones since 1972.

Because of your support with membership to the Roar Foundation, participation in our Wild One adoption program, donations, volunteering, or in kind donations we are able to continue giving these magnificent rescued beings as good a life as possible in captivity.

Again, a very meaningful thank you.

From all of us at Shambala, Animal and Human,


Photos by  Bill Dow  2018 The Roar Foundation
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