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Letter #4

Dear Congressman XXXX,

Please support H.R. 1998 / S.1381, the “Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act”!

The breeding of big cats for profit in the United States is out of control!! Right now, there is no way to get an accurate count of how many big cats are in this country, but it is estimated that there are as many as 10,000 tigers alone living in the state of Texas!

In order to produce as many cubs as possible in as short a time as possible, exhibitors have resorted to despicable methods of breeding. Not only have they completely disregarded pure bloodlines, but they are mixing subspecies of tigers creating “mutts.”

For these exhibitors, big cats are strictly a business to generate money. To draw paying customers, they need a distinct gimmick to make their facilities stand out...the current trend is white tigers and lion-tiger hybrids. These animals are completely unnatural and pay the price for their uniqueness.

Due to the small gene pool of color mutation, white tigers are inbred. Just as in humans, inbred offspring suffer severe deformities such as crossed-eyes and mental retardation. “Ligers” and “tigons,” which would never occur in the wild because lions and tigers inhabit different regions of the globe, also are plagued with debilitating health problems. They are prone to gigantism, resulting in short lifespans due to their organs not being able to support their massive bodies. They also very often develop arthritis, neurological defects and cancers.

When these animals become mundane and lose their marketability, what mutant will be manufactured next to draw a crowd? There is actually an exhibitor out there who proclaims that he is trying to breed a sabre-toothed tiger! This insanity needs to be stopped!!

Lions and tigers are living, breathing creatures and should not be treated as commodities to make a dollar. Please throw your support behind H.R.1998 / S.1381 the “Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act” and stop the reckless breeding of big cats for profit!

Thank you!



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