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Love for the animals!

Barfoot's Bestiary
Drawing The Birds and The Beasts
by Brian Barfoot

This is no ordinary art book. If you wish to read a tome filled with step-by-step techniques on how to draw animals you are advised to look elsewhere. However if you are fond of illustrated stories about a big dog's amorous advances or a squirrel's winter chill, then read on. The artist is Brian Barfoot and his area is true tales of the birds and the beasts… A leopard unable to change its spots… A goat's tortuous tongue…a tiger's ferocious love… A stone lion's regal roar…a crab's indiscretion in Mayfair… A cheetah's sexual savagery… A beautiful HOLLYWOOD star bloodied by birds… And a rat's London Underground ride.

This collection of short autobiographical stories by Brian Barfoot is lavishly illustrated with over 80 of his striking animal drawings.
Amusing, captivating, informative. Quirky, surprising: each of Barfoot's tales is a true work of art.

Brian Barfoot has a passion for the birds and the beasts; he is constantly compelled to capture their beauty in his art. From drawing lions and tigers in a California sanctuary to giraffes in London Zoo. For more of Brian's story go to

The idea as to who should write a foreword to this little book of beasts came instinctively to me as I was putting the finishing strokes to a painting of a seagull. Birds and Tippi Hedren go together like tigers and stripes. Her love for all creatures is almost as legendary as the Alfred Hitchcock movies in which she starred; and as we have known each other for well over half my life there is no better person to pen a few words about my animal art.

So I called Tippi and she immediately accepted the task of writing a 'short paragraph.' The following day she emailed me with one succinct comment, and it is far lovelier than any formal foreword could ever be:
--Brian Barfoot

Dear Brian, I'm working on the 'short' foreword to your book. You are not an easy person for whom I can write something short! I just love you for being such an awesomely wonderful friend.
-- Tippi Hedren

The Art of Racing in the Rain
by Garth Stein

Garth Stein is the author of two novels, "How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets" and "Raven Stole the Moon" and a play, "Brother Jones."
He has worked as a documentary filmmaker and lives in Seattle with his family

A Sunday Oregonian Top 10 Northwest Book Award Winner
A Pacific Northwest Book Award Winner
A Publisher's Weekly Listen Up! Award Winner for Fiction
An Audio File Magazine Best Fiction Book of the Year
An Indibound Best Seller
A Hudson Bookseller's Best Book of the Year
An Amazon Customer Favorite


The perfect book for anyone who knows that compassion isn't only for humans, and that the relationship between two souls who are meant for each other never really comes to an end. Every now and then I'm lucky enough to read a novel I can't stop thinking about: this is one of them.
--Jodi Picoult

A Seattle Times Best Book of the Year
Joyful in its language, creative in its narration, and affecting in its story, this is a terrific book.
--Seattle Times

It's impossible not to love Enzo.
--Minneapolis Star Tribune

One of those stories that may earn its place next to Richard Bach's Jonathon Livingston Seagull, Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, and Yann Martel's Life of Pi.
--Portland Oregonian

Fans of Marley & Me, rejoice.
--Entertainment Weekly

I savored Garth Stein's "The Art of Racing in the Rain" for many reasons: a dog who speaks, the thrill of competitive racing, a heart-tugging storyline, and - best of all - the fact that it is a mediation on humility and hope in the face of despair.
--Wally Lamb

[After reading this book] I even began looking at my dog, who I adore, in a much different way.
--Linda Sharpe, Shambala docent

The Art of Racng in the Rain:
Kindle Version



First Person Cat
Drawing The Birds and The Beasts
by Jacque Heebner

Jacque Heebner's motto is: "Always create a little magic and leave the world a better place"

From Des Moines, Iowa, where she was born, Jacque Heeber attended girls' boarding schools, the University of Arizona, and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, from there she took a position in the art and publicity departments at MGM Studios and later went on to work at Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, and Universal, where she had the opportunity to work for Robert Aldrich, William Peter Blatty, Jerry Weintraub, Richard Zanuck, Frank Sinatra, Alan Jay Lerner, and Warren Beatty. She was excited and stimulated working in the movie business. People had ideas, stories to tell, scenes and dialogues to write. She loved all the artistic levels and creative ingredients that went into making a movie. It was her time spent at the film studios that laid the foundation for her future design and event planning business,
Jacque Designs, Inc.

Jacque fell in love and married Dr. Robert A Heebner, whom she was happily married to for twenty-five years until he passed away. She set to work restoring their Greene and Greene home in Long Beach that is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, by the United States Department of the interior. Jacque became involved in a number of charitable and fund raising events to raise awareness and money for these causes. People loved what she created. They had experienced a night to remember in a fabulous setting, where they were entertained and appreciated for their contributions.

Jacque also became a columnist for the Seasons section of the Los Angeles Times, and the Los Angeles Daily News where she interviewed successful people, and would lend her advice and tips of what makes a great party. She still contributes her time to charitable and civic causes both in Los Angeles and Newport Beach - all the while running a business that delivers satisfaction to clients throughout Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Arizona.

The beautiful Beverly Hills Tiffany, Tiff to a select few, will guide you through a most fascinating, page flipping murder mystery. It deals with the rich, the conniving, the rock and film stars, the devious and then ever clever detectives. However, none is more clever than the magnificent Tiffany in solving the crime, with its intriguing cast of celebratory characters. By the way, Tiffany is a hot tortoise-shell Persian Cat!
--Tippi Hedren, icon, American actress, founder of Shambala Preserve for Big Cats & Exotic Animals

I'm a dog person, but I really love this book!
--Roger Williams, world-renowned pop concert pianist; gold and platinum recording artist

I loved having Jacque Heebner, and her furry sidekick, Ms. Tiffany, as students in my writers workshops. Now you get to have this fun, fabulous mischievous pair at your house…Enjoy!

--Kelly Lange, writing teacher and author: the Maxi Poole mysteries

A cute and very enjoyable easy read. We love cat Tiffany and her point of view with humans and their flaws.
--Carla & Lou Ferrigno, famed American actors, body builders, patriots, and animal activists

Blood Moon
by A.W. Gryphon

A. W. Gryphon is a novelist and screenwriter living in Southern California. Blood Moon is her first novel and the first book in her Witches' Moon Series.

A tale of modern day witchcraft, power and death…an engaging suspense.
Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Be prepared for A.W. Gryphon to take you on a journey of the much-researched modern witch. Her characters are magnificently defined with a turn of sorcery that will keep you on the edge.
You will find yourself looking at everyone you know and meet with a different set of eyes - All of us who are fascinated with the occult can look forward to a series. I for one can't wait!
--Tippi Hedren, The Birds

An ancient line of witches…An undying love…A coming revolution…One woman at the center of it all…London, England. Mysterious. Beautiful. Full of legends and lore. It is home and a safe place for Amelia Pivens Keutzer. For an ancient society of witch hunters, and practitioners, it is an easy place to go unnoticed.
And for Scotland Yard's Denny Carlisle, on All Hallows Eve, when the Full Blood Moon reaches its highest point in the sky, it will become a city of awe and mayhem as the most powerful witch in modern history rises to avenge her lost love and forever end the ancient war among the witches and those who hunt them.

A fantastic story…a rollercoaster ride…a wonderfully crafted ending leaving the reader wanting more.
--Dino R. Federico, Blogger News Network

A superbly crafted powerful thriller that will crawl up your spine and settle into the hairs on the back of your neck.
--Jonathan Breck, Jeepers Creepers

Tragedy, love, mystery, betrayal … I found myself unable to put it down.

--Hailey M., Fallen Angel Reviews

Compelling, hypnotic, mysterious. Gryphon winds an extraordinary and action packed tale that grabs ahold of you and won't let go.
--Alexander Witt, Resident Evil, Apocalypse

Flying With Wounded Wings
by Peter Gullerud

Peter Gullerud was born in Wisconsin. He is the creator of several comic books including "Grootlore," "Cutter," and "Sugar and Snails." He studied theology for a brief period. Later he became a visual development designer in feature animated films for both Disney and Warner Brothers. After 20 years in the studios, he left animation to do hands-on wildlife work with creatures like the Siberian tiger and the California bear. He currently lives in Pine Mountain, CA, year round. This is his first novel.

Often I yearn to sneak a glimpse into how another species on our planet thinks, be it the dog, who looks up to you, the cat who looks down upon you, or the lion or tiger, who continually mystifies or terrorize us. In his novel, "Fly With Wounded Wings," Peter gives us a poignant, emotional view into the thought process of the Canadian Goose. Their lives from youth, their mating for life, their intuitive knowledge to migrate, and the hierarchy which dictates their survival is done in a heartrending story of "Cora," a Canadian Goose. You will grow to love and weep with her inevitable loss of the protection of the family to whom she has given her life. Gullerud has given us a unique insight into the life of another being. My applause to this gifted writer.
--Tippi Hedren, actress and wildlife conservationist

The Dangerous World of Butterflies
The Startling Subculture of Criminals, Collectors, and Conservationists
by Peter Laufer, PhD

Peter Laufer, PhD, is the author of more than a dozen books that deal with social and political issues, including Mission Rejected: U.S. Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq; Wetback Nation: The Case for Opening the Mexican-American Border; and Iron Curtain Rising: A Personal Journey through the Changing Landscape of Eastern Europe. He is the co anchor of The Peter Laufer Show on radio station Green 960 in San Francisco. More about his books, documentary films, and broadcasts, which have won the George Polk, Robert F. Kennedy, Edward R. Murrow, and other awards, can be found at He lives in Bodega Bay, California.

A true tale of beauty and obsession, smugglers and scientists, and nature's most enigmatic creature.

Money, butterflies in fancy boxes, a tip that a smuggler might be in the midst of families introducing their children to the insect world - it's not quite James Bond, but close. Special Agent Newcomer went to work looking for Yoshi. Newcomer was working undercover, of course, dressed down in L.A. casual: jeans, a work shirt, and a worn baseball cap. With his young-looking face adorned by a Fu Manchu mustache and his endearing smile, Newcomer - calling himself Ted Nelson - did not look like a bug cop. He found his prey fast.
From "The Dangerous World of Butterflies"

Dangerous World of Butterflies:
Kindle Version

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