In 1976, freelance photographer Bill Dow was contracted to work full-time on the motion picture, “Roar”, produced and starring, Tippi Hedren. That project, which found Bill working with lions and tigers, and other exotic cats became the passion that resulted in his world-wide notoriety as one of the foremost photographers of wildlife, specializing in the great cats of the world.

Following that five-year project, Tippi Hedren founded the Roar Foundation, which funded the Shambala Preserve, a sanctuary for abused and unwanted big cats. Based on his work on “Roar”, Bill was asked to freelance as staff photographer for the preserve and has retained that position to the present day.

During the course of his career at Shambala, Bill has amassed an impressive inventory of photos of the big cats, which is unparalleled in its depth and scope. Bill’s photos have been exhibited in one-man shows throughout California, and across the country. An award-winning photographer, his remarkable photos have also been published worldwide and his fine art prints grace the walls of many public and private collections.

Here you can view photos of the Shambala Wild Ones taken by Bill Dow, they have been categorized by type of cat for easier viewing.


Photos by  Bill Dow  2018 The Roar Foundation
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